Taiwan Trip Ends Perfectly

Thanks to Computex, we learnt a lot !

1. The First Trip to Taiwan – True Communication in the Storage Field

On our second day in Taiwan, we had the pleasure of making a special visit to some of the most influential names in the industry (SP, Dato, Transcend, etc.). During the visit, both parties had an in-depth discussion on the current hot areas of SSD (Solid State Drive), DDR (Double Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Memory) and Storage Solutions. The leaders introduced in detail their latest research results and development ideas in these fields. Through this visit, we not only gained valuable experience sharing and guidance advice, but also strengthened our determination to continue to cultivate in the fields of SSD, DDR and Storage Solutions. At the same time, both parties had a preliminary communication and exchange of ideas on possible directions of future cooperation.

2. The Second Trip to Taiwan–Computex Electronics Show

Our booth at the recent Computex came to a successful close with impressive results. At the show, we highlighted our outstanding achievements in the areas of SSD (Solid State Drives), DDR (Double Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) and Storage Solutions. Many visitors were attracted to the booth to learn more about these advanced technologies and products.

At our well-decorated booth, SSD products became the focus of attention for their high-speed read/write performance and reliable stability; DDR products won high praise from professionals for their outstanding performance; and comprehensive Storage Solutions provided tailor-made storage solutions for different customers to meet diversified needs. It is worth mentioning that we welcomed many industry partners, customers and potential partners to visit the show through our active invitation in the early stage. During the exhibition, we had in-depth exchanges and discussions with them, sharing industry insights and expanding cooperation opportunities.

The successful conclusion of this exhibition not only demonstrated Oreton’s strong strength and innovation in the storage field, but also laid a solid foundation for us to further develop the market and strengthen cooperation. In the future, we will continue to work hard in the fields of SSD, DDR and Storage Solutions and contribute more to the development of the industry.