SSD & DDR Product Training

First of all, warmly welcome Thomas to join Oreton! At the same time, as the main speaker of this training, his explanation was very comprehensive and detailed! The training content is mainly divided into three aspects: memory modules, solid-state drives, and industry chain information.

1、Introduction of SSD and DDR Concepts

Thomas takes memory classification as the starting point and introduces the concepts of SSD and DDR.

(Introduction of SSD and DDR Concepts)

2、DDR Explanation

Thomas introduced the memory module product – DDR first, also known as Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. It consists of a PCB board, gold finger, SMT resistor capacitor, positioning groove and buckle groove, SPD chip, and memory chip. Our memory chips are from famous brands, such as Micron/Samsung/Sk Hynix and the direction and integrity of the chips are strictly checked during assembly to ensure the quality of the finished product is qualified. DDR has gone through several generations since its inception, and has now evolved to DDR5. The standard operating voltage of DDR is getting lower and lower, the capacity is getting larger, and the IO speed is also getting higher. Our own branded memory module products can almost meet all the needs on the market, with a maximum capacity of 32GB and a maximum frequency of 6800MHz. At the same time, we also accept OEM and ODM orders.

(Explanation of DDR Knowledge)

3、SSD Explanation and Hands-on Experience with Physical Objects

Next, Thomas introduced the solid-state drive – SSD, which mainly consists of controller, cache chip, and flash memory chip. Our company’s solid-state drive chips also use chips from Intel/Micron/Samsung/Sk Hynix/SanDisk. Solid state drives have different performance due to different interfaces and protocols. Therefore, the types of solid-state drive products our company offers also vary based on these factors. Our existing M.2 NVMe PCle4 SSDs can reach a maximum read speed of 7000MB/s. Finally, Thomas analyzed the industry chain information in the current market.And later Echo explained physical products, which gave everyone a clearer understanding of the industry and products.

(SSD&DDR Physical Hands-on Explanation)

Oreton Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of flash solid state drive, portable SSD, USB, DDR Laptop Memory, DDR Desktop Memory, DDR Gaming RAM and other storage products. In addition, we also accepts OEM and ODM orders. We warmly welcome you to visit our company!