Letter of Commitment for quality assurance

In order to ensure product quality and meet customer requirements, Shenzhen Oreton Technology Co., Ltd. makes the following commitments for customers :

  1. Our company’s management, development, design, production, quality inspection and after-sales service are according with (ISO9001:2015) quality system operation, to prove its ability to provide qualified products for customers.
  2. To providing products with the ability to meet customer requirements we Strictly comply with customer requirements. In addition to strict quality, professional technology, and stable supply, we also provide a variety of OEM customized services according to the needs of customers in different industries, to provide customers with the most suitable products.
  3. Company do R&D, design and manufacturing with industrial experience and an international team work for standar design. Clear planning stage – design verification stage – engineering verification stage – trial production verification stage – mass production stage, all the design and development control procedures are implemented to ensure design quality.
  4. For raw materials Supply and purchase, our company has conducted qualification examination of its suppliers, which proves that the suppliers has sufficient technical ability and economic strength to ensure the purchase channels of raw materials and the inherent quality of raw materials.
  5. Our company has high precision SMT machine, high temperature oven, high and low temperature test box, AOI optical detection machine and other integrated production and testing equipment, skilled operators, complete process documents. To ensure the production quality of products our production process always under control.
  6. For design and development control procedures operation, products through various of important tests. Such as: performance test, stability test, compatibility test, systematic test, high and low temperature test, these tests effectively ensure the quality of solid state drives. All testing items are performed and recorded in detail in accordance with industry standards and relevant requirements.
  7. We apply clear product storage methods to ensure good storage status and meet customer requirements.
  8. Establish information feedback system for after-sales service control, and take corrective measures in time for product failures and defects.
  9. Establish product information feedback system, monitor and analyze the quality status of products throughout the life cycle, and meet customers’ quality requirements for products, including safety and reliability. Ensure timely, accurate and effective information feedback.
  10. If there are quality problems in the use of our products, we will make sure to respond within 8 hours and provide technical support.