Growing Together: Building on Years of Partnership with Our Brazilian Partner

On April 8th, our company welcomed our valued Brazilian partner, with whom we’ve been working closely for years. This meeting was particularly positive, opening new doors for collaboration and broadening the scope of our SSD & DRAM storage solutions.

1、Enthusiastic Lion Dance Opening

A lively lion dance troupe welcomed our clients with a traditional performance. With vibrant drumbeats, colorful lions danced energetically at our doorstep, showcasing the charm of Chinese culture. This ceremony allowed our clients to experience the beauty of tradition and added special meaning to our partnership.

2、A Hearty Negotiation

After the lion dance team performance, both parties settled down in the conference room for negotiation. We had an in-depth discussion on the previous order model of SSD and DDR RAM, with the aim to make both parties cooperate more closely and bring better and more innovative storage products to more consumers. In addition, we also focused on discussing the future of gaming storage products and product details.such as DDR4 RGB,DDR4 Heatsink and DDR5 RGB&Heatsink,NVMe PCIe4.0 etc. They compared different specifications and models of gaming storage, and discussed with our technicians how to choose the most suitable memory products according to specific application scenarios. Both parties agreed that the market demand for game storage products will continue to rise in the future, and both parties were very willing to give each other a chance to try them out.

3、Factory Tour

Afterwards, we visited our production line again. They witnessed the whole process of their SSD products going through the patch, testing, assembling, packing and crating, and expressed their heartfelt appreciation for our assembling process, quality control and testing links, and expressed their confidence in the quality of our company’s products. During the communication process, we also analysed the market prospect of our company in the storage field to the guest. The guest recognised our professionalism and said that they would continue to keep close cooperation with us.

Guests’ visit is a kind of recognition and attention to our company, and also the motivation for our continuous improvement and development. We will continue to work hard to provide guests with better quality products and services. Oreton Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of flash solid state drive, protable SSD, DDR Laptop Memory, DDR Desktop Memory, DDR Gaming RAM and other storage products. In addition, we also accepts OEM and ODM orders. We can’t wait to see you at our factory!