Planting Green, Building the Future Together:Oreton Arbor Day & Anniversary Celebration

In the season of spring blossoms, Oreton ushered in the Arbor Day & Anniversary Celebration. In order to respond to the call for environmental protection and enhance team cohesion, Oreton specially organised a unique tree-planting day activity.

1、Sowing Hope: The Process and Joy of Planting Trees

On the day of the activity, the sun shone brightly and the breeze brushed our faces. We came to the tree planting site with great enthusiasm, holding shovels, buckets and other tools, and were eager to try. We worked together, digging holes, planting trees, filling the soil, watering, every step was full of enthusiasm and vigour. Amidst the laughter, rows of saplings stood neatly on the land, adding a touch of vitality to the originally empty land.

(Sowing Hope)

2、Teamwork: Planting Trees As a Team to Enhance Cohesion

This tree planting activity not only allow us get close to nature and feel the power of the earth, but also let us deeply appreciate the importance of teamwork. In the process of tree planting, we helped each other, worked together, and struggled for a common goal. This spirit of unity and collaboration will continue to flourish in our future work.

In addition, the tree planting activity is also our commitment to environmental protection. Each sapling planted is a part of our care and responsibility to the earth. Through this activity, we have a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting the environment and will pay more attention to environmental protection efforts in our daily life.


3、Witness to Growth: Sapling and Team Development

Finally, looking at the saplings we planted with our own hands, we were filled with a sense of achievement and hope. These saplings will thrive in the flow of time, bringing more green and freshness to the earth. And our team, like these saplings, will continue to grow and expand. In the past year, thanks to all the partners for their trust and support to Oreton, it is your trust and support that enable us to successfully overcome the difficulties and achieve today’s achievements. In the future, Oreton will continue to provide you with high-quality storage solutions without forgetting its original intention. At the same time, let’s look forward to every spring in the future, these saplings will become a lush forest, witnessing the growth and brilliance of our team. Let’s take practical actions to plant green and build a better future together!

(Witness to Growth)

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